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Conceive and communicate unique
brand experience

Bridge the gap between a brand
and the senses

Embedding brands, products, spaces and
services with meaning and resonance


Common Ground
n. A foundation for shared understanding and mutual interest

At Common Ground we believe that strategic thinking and unbridled bravery are the architects of originality. Constantly striving to challenge the status quo, our handpicked creative team drives to the heart of each brand and builds a visceral experience for clients and consumers alike. With the knowledge that from a strong foundation grows unwavering potential, the Common Ground team tells compelling stories that deliver powerful brand messages and transform the ordinary into extraordinary experiences.


  • 01//
    Strategic PR Planning + Counsel

  • 02//
    Digital + Social Media Strategy

  • 03//
    Talent + Influencer Relations

  • 04//
    Event Planning + Execution

  • 05//
    Brand + Product Launch

  • 06//
    Experiential Marketing